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Apply and Manage Leave Online

EasyWork Basic Leave feature allows employees to apply for leaves using a dedicated form. Managers or supervisors will receive an instant notification about the pending request and actions can be taken immediately.
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Basic Leave Form

With Basic Leave, employees will only be able to submit their leave using a simple form. There is also the option to choose a few leave types.
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Upgrade to Leave Pro
Manage and track employees leave with LeavePro. You will get access to different leave types, customizable options and leave balances. There are also options for leaves to be configured to meet the requirements of your company. EasyWork LeavePro Leave Summary provides admins with the leave behaviour of the company. There is the option to switch the report to a high-level or drill it down version to have a better understanding of employees and their leave usage behaviour.
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Leave Pro Form

With LeavePro, employees will be able to see their leave quota and balance available. The option to apply leave on a full day, first half or second half is also available.
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Leave Pro Leave’s Balance & Configuration

EasyWork LeavePro allows each and every employee to have access to their own leave balances. On the other hand, admins will have the option to configure different leave quotas depending on the company criteria using EasyWork LeavePro’s flexible settings.

Apply Leave on Behalf

With this feature, the managers or HR can help to apply for leave on behalf of their employees. This will be useful in some situations e.g. when the employee forgets to apply for leave or technical difficulties occurs from their side.
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Standard Plan
Pro Plan
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EasyWork 101: A Beginner's Guide to Managing Employees' Leave

Onboard EasyWork’s Leave Feature with this ultimate guide!

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