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Quest PRO

Start your team's journey to achieving goals

Team Goals Redefined

Set up measurable goals, track individual team member contributions and overall achieved progress from the app. Team leaders can pre-determine details for the quest such as the timeline, reward, target and whether the target is an individual or group goal.

Start Questing Today!

KPI's and Goals

  • EasyWork Quest is a feature that allows managers to keep track of employee’s goals and objectives (KPI).

  • KPI’s can be created and tracked easily within the app itself. Progress can also be review anytime by employees and managers.

  • Rewards can also be rewarded upon goal completion.

Type of Reward

Creating quest or goals is simple. Managers can also include custom rewards to reward those who have completed the quest.

Participant Types

Include those who are involved easily. Managers have the option to choose participants either individually or by groups.

Track Progress

Employees and managers can track the goal progress anytime and anywhere directly from their mobile devices.

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