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Powerful Features by EasyWork

EasyWork has a wide range of features that companies can use to improve their daily management tasks. We are constantly enhancing and adding new features to ensure companies will benefit from EasyWork.

Manage and track employees time attendance with EasyWork’s Attendance feature. Employees can take their attendance directly by using their smartphones, while admins will have powerful reports that can measure the company’s attendance performance.

attendance easywork

Not your average leave management system. EasyWork LeavePro can be operated directly from your smartphone. Applying and approving leaves has never been this easy! You will also get access to powerful reports to measure employees’ leave behaviour.
leave management feature easywork

EasyWork Approval is a paperless solution that will replace your company’s approval forms. Employees in a company can easily apply for any application just by using their smartphones. This method also helps your company reduce its paper footprint.
request feature easywork

With this feature, you can automate employees’ payroll without hassle. Save time and reduce human error from manual timesheet calculations. EasyWork’s Payroll feature is available in Malaysia and it’s LHDN approved!

EasyReward is an employee recognition software that companies can easily implement. Unlock your employees potential by recognizing the talents and values that they bring into your company.
rewards feature easywork

Manage all your company’s resources like meeting rooms, event spaces, halls and others with EasyWork Resource Booking. Employees will be able to see resources that have been reserved and this will prevent any clashes.
resource feature easywork

Learn EasyWork Features for Team, Smart Office And HR.

Why Choose EasyWork to modernise HR management?

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Mobile Management

EasyWork allows admins to submit, approve, review and track activities on smartphones instantly.
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Digital Integration

Replaces costly and time consuming practices like paperwork, employee onboarding and management, corporate communication and so on.
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Cloud Data and Security

Data is secured online and only shown to relevant parties. Signatures and approvals are also more secure through mobile, no counterfeiting.
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